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The Stag Do

Here is all the information for the Stag party........Everything you need to know is on this page.


It's Stag Time

Jonny will be having a Fear and Loathing stag do a couple of days before, which might just get a little crazy, after all this is bat country.


It's Stag Time

As part of the stag, Johnny intends to check out all the places that Dr Gonzo and Raoul Duke visited in the film.

Of course some of the places aren't there anymore but below you will see a list of places visited and the real place.

Fear and Loathing

Places to go

  1. Bazooko Cirkus Casino - Circus Circus Casino
  2. Mint Hotel - Binion's Horseshoe
  3. The Strip
  4. Debbie Reynolds concert at the Desert Inn - Wynn Hotel and Casino
  5. National District Attorney's Conference - The Flamingo Hotel
  6. North Star Bar and Grill on Camino Al Norte - North Star Coffee Lounger

Here is more information on the places we'll be visiting